Abbey Physic Community Garden

The Abbey Physic Community Garden in the ancient market town of Faversham is tucked away beside the late 16th century grammar school, now a Masonic Hall. A small sign indicates the modest door, set into an old brick wall, to the award winning Abbey garden. Stepping in to the walled half-acre garden one immediately feels as if one has stumbled on an enchanted world. The garden is an organically managed community garden that exists to promote the therapeutic benefits of horticulture. At first it is hard to focus, there are so many different sections to the garden and one wants to embrace it all at once such is its quiet magnetic charm. It is a hive of activity with individuals busy working away, some on their own, some in pairs or in small groups. Walking around the garden it is astonishing to discover just what can be accommodated in half-an acre. There is a wildlife pond, a ‘dead hedge’ made of cuttings too big to be composted ‘it is fantastic for wildlife, birds have been known to nest it and is popular with insects’, a greenwood working area, a herb garden, an agroforestry area, a polytunnel, roses, a composting toilet, bug palaces, a living willow bower, more than 30 fruit trees, soft fruits and even a hugelkultur bed.
Delicious homemade cakes and teas and coffees available as well as jams made with produce from the garden.
We are open Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday 9-2 and Sat 11-3.

Park Facilities

Historic Building
Picnic Area
Walled Garden
Wildflower Area
Green Flag Award
Community Winner
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Abbey Physic Community Garden
Suzanne Campbell
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