St James's Church, Piccadilly

The Southwood Garden at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, is tucked between Jermyn Street and Piccadilly. The garden or ‘green churchyard,’ as it has been known for much of its 300 year history, is a much loved part of this historic site which has one of Sir Christopher Wren’s finest churches, at its centre.

Local residents, the Church community, office workers and tourists alike, come to the garden for its peace and sanctuary. It is rare spot located away from the street, where visitors can meet friends and enjoy lunch from the renowned food market in the Church’s courtyard. Visitors to the Church's free lunchtime concerts also enjoy popping into the garden for a pre or post-concert break.

The Southwood Garden is used as a venue for events and in recent years, has hosted a number of exhibitions. This year the Church is collaborating with a West End gallery to host an outdoor exhibition of work by a celebrated British sculptor.

The Church is keen to encourage biodiversity and sees its garden as a vital habitat for wildlife. The Southwood Garden is made up of paving, lawns and flower beds containing a mix of evergreen and deciduous shrubs, perennials, spring bulbs and mature trees. On a warm day, bees arrive to enjoy the pollinator-friendly planting. The soil is riddled with juicy worms for the resident blackbirds and each March a pair of mallard ducks set up home and, if lucky, visitors can spot their ducklings paddling in the fountain.

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From: 29.06.2017 - To: 10.01.2018

St James's Church is hosting an exhibition of eight stone sculptures by Emily Young, 'Britain's greatest living stone sculptor.'

Located in The Southwood Garden, the exhibition is free and is open every day from 9 am to 6.30pm.
In her sculpture, Young focusses on the natural beauty and energy of stone including its capacity to embody human consciousness. In her combination of traditional carving skills with technology, Young produces work which marries the contemporary with the ancient, manifesting a unique, serious and poetic presence.

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