Randwick Park

Randwick Park in South Auckland is a New Zealand success story – an example of how a community, if properly enabled, can come together and help design and drive forward projects that have the potential to inspire and unify the people around them.
he park was co-designed by local skater Walz Brown, who was invited by community leader David Tims to work alongside Isthmus over the course of a year. Under Walz’s guidance and influence, Randwick’s youth owned the design, providing input through lounge-room design sessions where 3D visualisations were spun around on TV. (Walz has since gone on to become a prominent youth leader and community role model. In 2013 he was recognised as ‘youth worker of the year’.) With the kids engaged the parents followed enthusiastically; and through their involvement they became connected to active community support groups, forming connections that they would not have otherwise.

Park Facilities

Education Centre
Multi Use Games Area
Picnic Area
Public Transport Links
Skate Park
Football Pitch
Green Flag Award
Community Winner
Managing Organisation
RPSC Trust and For A Cause Ltd
Randwick Park
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