The Vines Gardens

The Vines is an important local green space, which has a unique heritage and supports the rich cultural history of the local area. It is situated within the Rochester Centre Conservation Area and is listed as a Grade II Garden in the Kent Gardens' Compendium. It has an important association with the cathedral and monks cultivated vines here in medieval times. The park is also known to have been a favourite haunt of Charles Dickens and is featured in several of his novels. Interpretation panels within the park provide reference to the significance of the park historically for those that visit.
The Vines is also a valuable green space within its urban context, with the mature shrubberies valuable to the wildlife and an avenue of London Plane trees contributing to the character of the local area. Mature coniferous and deciduous trees (Sequoia, Yew and Holm Oak) also occur around the perimeter of the Gardens. Carved timber sculptures, created in 2017, can be found around the park and provide wildlife interpretation and informal play features. The park offers a quiet atmosphere for local residents and tourists to relax outside and enjoy a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Rochester High Street.

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